UCU's wine committee

We are WineCo. And don’t be deceived – we don’t just drink.
We want to bring the culture of wine to campus and ease our fellow students into becoming passionate amateurs.
Our core message? Wine is for everyone.
We organize events that delve into the world of wine and organise tastings by professionals and amateurs alike, to appreciate how to unlock its carnal pleasures. We often collaborate with other committees too, as wine is usually better paired with something fun!
  • Bring your own wine night
  • Wine tastings
  • Oenology courses
  • Wine guides
  • …and other activities to come!
Are you interested in joining us, in collaborating with us, or do you just want to have a chat (around a glass of wine) with us?
Send us an email at! For info on events and other fun stuff, follow or insta @ucu_wineco and our Facebook!
You can also join our WhatsApp group at the link below, we’ll be posting more info on events (no spam, promise) there as well:

Contact Us!