The literature and spoken word community for all of campus

In a reading-heavy college such as UCU, WordCo aims to bring back joy to reading and writing in a creative, welcoming, and inclusive environment. Our weekly writing sessions are open to every form and genre under the sun, ranging from long-form prose  to brief fragments of thought. Our committee’s central idea is sharing creativity in reading or writing: anyone and everyone are welcome to join! For those looking to fall (back) in love with reading for leisure, we offer the twice-a-semester Book Club meetings. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Facebook polls where we decide on the book!

So, come by if you want to talk (or write!) about a new idea you had, a favourite book, or anything reading/writing related in general. Stay tuned for other upcoming events and for any questions, email us at wordco@ucsa.nl or send us a message on our Facebook page!

Contact Us!

Email: wordco@ucsa.nl