Yearbook Team

UCU’s very own Yearbook Team

As the Spring semester is starting, it is time to prepare one of the biggest UCSA publications: the yearbook! The yearbook is a perfect way to commemorate your time at UCU and to have a little souvenir when leaving. the Yearbook Team creates the yearbook by putting together all the different accounts of campus personas, groups, committees, teams, and the moments that shaped our year. It is a testament to each year at UCU.

The Yearbook Team, consisting of 9-10 members, is open for all students to join, formed in or at the end of Fall semester. Working together the team learns how to use programs like Indesign, works with an off-campus printing company, compiles all of the pages and writes all of the stories you read in your Yearbooks.


Graphic Designers:  Anyone that is eager and willing to learn, or already knows, Indesign welcome! You’ll be working on the layout of the pages creating cool graphics and learning a skill you can definitely benefit from in the future.

PR: The name says it all. You’ll be creating the promotion to sell out the Yearbooks! This is a challenge but we welcome all who want to engage the entire campus to buy the book. Be creative and have fun with it.

Writers: You’ll be compiling all the pages we need to write, from different pages of events, UCU Confessions page, Most Likelies, Polls, and much more! Contact anyone on campus you want to hear from, and have them write something for the yearbook!

All team members also work together compiling the entire yearbook, from choosing pictures, to adding page numbers, no task is too small in this Yearbook. All of the details together make it an amazing one.

Keep an eye out on our page for open positions coming next semester!

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