UCSA Board

University College Student Association Board Members

UCSA Board Secretary

Punn Chatupanyachotikul

Graduating Year

2020 1/2


Psychology and Law



What do I do?

I will be the Secretary of this year’s UCSA Board. What this means is that I am responsible for the non-financial administration of the association. This description might seem quite vague to you but what this means is that I ensure all the systems that are in place runs smoothly so that the rest of the board knows exactly what they have to do and that we are all on top of it. But more importantly I get to share this amazing experience and one hell of a rollercoaster with my board members!

What I like

I like a lot of things: food, good company, music, art, dance, coffee, a nice glass of wine, and the list goes on. However, one thing I for sure don’t like is coriander. But in all seriousness, as you might be able to tell my interests range quite a bit so UCU was the perfect place for me to explore everything. I’ve been a part of the Humanitarian and Photography Committee (FocusCo) as well as this I’ve also designed for the annual fashion design show and occasionally meditated with MindfulCo!