UCSA Board

University College Student Association Board Members

UCSA Board Committee Affairs Officer

Reinier Derks

Graduating Year

2020 1/2


Physics and Earth & Environment



What do I do?

As a CAO and UCSA board member I will be the brigde between the UCSA board and my committees. By supporting them and helping them when they run into any problems, they can enjoy organzing the events they are passionate about! Next to that, I am the contact person towards the UCSRN and Sodexo, our caterer. And of course, I also organize events together with my awesome board.

What I like

Before coming to UCU, I spent two thirds of my life in Zuid-Limburg and one third in Beijing. At UCU, I spend most of my time playing football with the football team and chilling with friends. Besides that, I follow many sports extensively. Over the past summer I participated in the UCU East Africa programme. After having followed a preparatory course about critical development at UCU, we travelled around for the first month as part of a field course. After that, the group of 28 students split up into couples to do an internship. I did my internship at Twende in Arusha, you can look it up online!