UC Student Council

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UC Student Council Chair

Sifra van de Gronden



Graduating Year 

2023 1/2


Literature, Anthropology, Art history and Museum studies





What do I do?

As the UC Student Council Chair, I wear many different hats. My most apparent task is setting the agenda and chairing the Student Council meetings. However, I dedicate most of my time monitoring our long-term aims and projects. In practice, this means that I make sure that our daily activities are in line with our goals and values. Additionally, I am the vice-chair of the University College Utrecht Council (UCUC), the body in College hall that checks the policy decisions made by the Management Team (MT). Lastly, an often overlooked yet vital part of being chair, I make sure every board member feels heard, seen, and fulfilled about their work. This year, I am working on several projects within the Diversity, Wellbeing, and Futures portfolio and on Campus Relocation. So please feel free to reach out to me about any of these topics!

What I like?

Though my interests change with the seasons, my free time is mostly centered around friends and family, expressing myself creatively, and rest. At the moment, I have rediscovered the joys of cooking! During the weekends, you may find me wearing a floral apron, flour on my cheeks, trying yet another plant-based recipe. Unsurprisingly, as a Literature major, I love books. I love bookshops even more. Currently, I am working my way through Iris Murdoch’s forgotten oeuvre, but I enjoy a Sally Rooney novel just as much. When it comes to spending time with my friends and family, I love hosting a proper Sunday brunch, to be followed by a long walk in the forest with my dog. I also enjoy traveling a lot, but I would say that’s a given for a UCU student!