Student Life Office

The Student Life Officer (SLO) works to ensure that the student experience at UCU is a rewarding, productive and fruitful one. Students may wish to talk with a SLO about anything that has an impact upon their UCU experience.

What can the SLO help you with?

Student Life Office University College Utrecht is a unique community of students living and studying together. The Student Life Office is a partner in working towards a rewarding, productive, healthy and fruitful time for all who belong the College.

The Student Life Office is a point of contact for all students to discuss any personal matter. The topics can cover issues such as health, workload, new campus initiatives, planning, family circumstances, effective decision making, or simply putting things into perspective and making it through the next semester. All meetings are confidential (unless disclosure is agreed with the student), and there is no topic off limits.

Students can sit in comfortable surroundings with a counsellor, first and foremost to be heard, understood and respected. Through talking and guidance, the majority of struggles and difficulties can be addressed within a few meetings.

UCU’s Student Life Office is led by Mark Baldwin, who has a wide range of experience, professional training and qualifications as counsellor, mentor, coach and guide.

Also working in the Student Life Office is Ingrid Wesselink van Meerten, a counsellor with wide experience and a special interest in young adults.

A small number of tutors act as support counsellors in the Student Life Office during peak demand. This means that, collectively, the Office comprises both male and female counsellors, from the Netherlands and abroad, whose special experience covers a huge array of issues relating to young adult life.

To make an appointment, please contact Mark Baldwin: or drop by spontaneously. If you prefer at the outset to meet with our female counsellor, that’s no problem, please simply indicate this in your request.

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Contact Details
Office: Room 112, College Hall.