Student Life Officer

The Student Life Officer (SLO) works to ensure that the student experience at UCU is a rewarding, productive and fruitful one. Students may wish to talk with the SLO about anything that has an impact upon their UCU experience. Mark Baldwin is currently UCU’s Student Life Officer.

What can the SLO help you with?

The Student Life Officer is a point of contact for all students per semester for all students to discuss any aspect of their personal UCU experience. Mark Baldwin speaks, on average, with around 200 individual students per semester, on a variety of topics including health, workload, finances, new campus intiatives, planning, family circumstances, making effective decisions, or simply putting things into perspective and making it through to the next semester

Mark is not a psychologist nor a doctor, though he might be able to help you decide when is a good moment to consult one, if you haven’t already done so. He can also quickly connect with several other support-providers throughout UCU, UU and the city. At UCU, he frequently connects with Tutors in his work, as well as with the UCU Management Team, the Housemaster and other colleagues both internally and externally. Wherever necessary, he will refer your enquiry to the appropriate person!

When can you meet with the SLO?

Mark is available to meet with students by appointment and at times – depending on availability – at short notice or spontaneously. However, making an appointment in advance is a safe way to guarantee undivided attention! All meetings are confidential (unless disclosure is agreed with the student) and there is no topic off limits. The times below are a guide as to when it’s best to request an appointment, there is always the option to meet outside of those if the situation demands it though. The best times to request appointments are:

Mondays 13:00 – 15:00
Tuesdays 11:00 – 13:00
Wednesdays 13:00 – 15:00
Thursdays 13:00 – 15:00

Other relevant information on the SLO

Mark Baldwin is a member of the UU Wellbeing Taskforce, and has a wide range of profesisonal training and qualifications as counsellor, mentor, coach and guide. His special fields of training and knowledge include: Students and Mental Health; Developing Resilience in Study Life; Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Guiding Students Towards Personal Agency; Perfectionism in Students in Excellence Settings; Intercultural Competence; Developing Wellbeing Initiatives; Equal Opportunities & Diversity; Building Successful Communities,; Careers Guidance; Sexual Health / Harassment Amongst Students; Professional Athlete Life Skills; Athlete Transitions.

At UCU, it is one of Mark’s responsibilities to advise the UCU Management Team, Exam Board and Senior Tutors on special student cases requiring their attention, such as probation cases, expulsion, leave of absence, or other urgent situations. For example, for students with disabilities or learning disorders, Mark can help assess whether or not there is an entitlement to special flexibility from the university (e.g. extra tie in exams), and put this in place. He also steers the college’s crisis intervention and general welfare policies and meets frequently with the UCSA and ASC to support the realisation of their goals in the interests of the students they serve and represent.



Contact Details
Office: Room 112, College Hall.