The General Assembly (GA)

The object of our Association is to represent the interests of all its members. This is done via the General Assembly (GA), the democratic body of the UCSA. The purpose of the GA is for you to have a say in the decision making process, and to voice your opinions on all topics surrounding the Association. 

The GA takes place at least three times per year, but can also happen more often at the discretion of the UCSA Board. 2 of these GAs are Budget GAs. You can also request to convene a GA if at least 10% of the members (75 signatures) or the Independent Body submit a written request via email to the UCSA.

Why should you attend GAs? Because it is where YOU decide what happens in our Association. Without the GA, many vital decisions would not have been made. So use this powerful tool to make your voice heard and make a positive change in our Association!

GA Agenda

The provisional GA agenda is a list of the topics that will be discussed at the GA, and is sent out to members at least one week in advance. The provisional agenda is set by the UCSA Board, but members can also propose additional points or motions to the agenda. These have to be sent in 5 days prior to the GA. The UCSA Board will then send out the amended version of the GA agenda.

Adding an agenda point

Is there an issue or topic which you want to discuss at the GA? Submit an agenda point! Send a clear explanation of what you wish to discuss and why to at least 5 days before the GA.

Submitting a resolution

Every member has the right to submit a resolution to the GA. The resolution can be regarding any aspect of the Association and its functioning. For example, a resolution can be the introduction of a new rule or policy. 

To submit a resolution, it must be supported by at least 5% of UCSA members (38 signatures). Describe what you would like to implement and how, and send it to at least 5 days before the GA.

Submitting an amendment to a resolution

As a member, you can submit amendments to resolutions concerning budget proposals, the contents of the Policy Manual, and other resolutions (past and the ones on the GA agenda). To do so, you must clearly state which parts of a resolution you wish to alter, and outline (if applicable) financial consequences. Your amendment must be supported by at least 5% of the UCSA members (38 signatures). You can send your amendment to at least 24 hours before the GA.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!