Science aims to understand the underlying principles and laws which govern all aspects of nature; from the origins of the universe and the evolution of life to the workings of the brain and the constituents of space, time and matter. In Science knowledge is derived by the use of formal reasoning, modeling and simulation, but always in close connection to observation and experimentation. You can dwell into physical sciences, such as Chemistry or Physics to explore matter and energy but you can also study the living world via Biology or see how neural connections in the brain are involved in mental processes via Cognitive Neuroscience. UCU’s science department challenges its students to bring out their best and develop into knowledgeable and committed academics. The department offers 7 tracks which can be listed as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Earth and Environment, Mathematics and Pre-Medical Sciences. All science majors must take at least one math course as well as three lab modules in summer/winter sessions to meet methodology requirements. It is highly recommended that students take these in their first year at UCU. Prerequisites for every course can be found in the Course Planner.

Head of Department

Dr. Arjen Vredenburg