Social Science

Social science studies the human behaviour of both individuals as well as society at large. The general question of why persons or societies ‘do the things that they do’ returns in specialized iterations in each field, from “why do some people commit crimes?” to “why do some nations go to war?”. Moreover, social science will ask you to understand and question the social constructs that define our world, prompting you to consider things like “what actually is crime?” or “what actually is the economy?”. Many social sciences have a strong empirical bend, focussing on the capturing of behavioral observations and their deduction into patterns, relationships and causal chains. However, there is certainly a lot of variation in scientific approach between the many fields in social science, with some (like Economics) taking a very quantitative and Natural Science-like approach while others (like Anthropology) often take approaches more commonly shared with those of the Humanities. Accordingly, some tracks will require you to complete quantitative methods courses (i.e. statistics) while others will require you to complete qualitative methods courses. Prerequisites for every course can be found in the Course Planner.


Head of Department

Christel Lutz