What is a General Assembly (GA)?

It is the democratic body of the UCSA through which all members voice their opinion. In other words: it is you! The GA shall meet as often as the Board considers desirable, but at least three times a year.

The Board shall set the agenda for the GA. The Independent Body may add items to the agenda, if it considers such to be necessary. Members may propose additional items and motions up to 5 days before the meeting. If amendments have been made to the agenda, the Board shall send these amendments at least 3 days prior to the meeting.

Budget GAs

During this specific GA, we will have an evaluation on the Association’s budget, which will be presented, discussed and voted upon. We will also have an evaluation on the UCSA’s, CAR’s and ASC’s long term goals. Without the GA, many decisions could not be made, so come one, come all and let your voice be heard!


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Email: ucu.ucsa@uu.nl

What can you do?

How to read the UCSA Budget