UCSA election info


The UCSA Board Election Period has begun! The UCSA board represent your interest on campus and works hard to give you as many extracurricular options as possible, so make sure you come and make your voice heard by voting for the candidates of your choice at the Election GA on April 19th, 20.00 in the Auditorium.

Proxy Voting
Like any GA you may authorize someone to vote in your stead. If you wish to do this you must email us at ucu.ucsa@uu.nl from your UU-mail account with: your name and who you wish to proxy. You must make sure the person you are giving your proxy to is aware of this! You can only send your proxy email until Wednesday 18th of April, 20.00 o’clock.

In the tabs below you can find all other information regarding the election period.

Also note that you can still announce your candidacy until Tuesday, 17th of April 20.00 by sending us an email. See “Information for Candidates” for more.

Meet our candidates! Click on the links below to read their election statements for a good overview of what they stand for:

Hugo for Chair

Zoe for Chair

Max for Secretary

Megan for Treasurer

Claire (TJ) for CAO

Floris for CAO

Livian for CAO

Mai Thai for CAO

Pip for CAO

Election Dates

During the next weeks, there will be a number of events to help you make up your mind:

Candidate Market
On Thursday April 12th from 12.45 till 13.45, you will have the opportunity to speak to and hear your potential future Board members out personally. The event will take place outside Dining Hall if the weather allows it; otherwise it will be upstairs in Dining Hall!

Candidate Debate
On Tuesday April 17th from 21:00 till 00:00 we bring to you: the UCSA Debate! This evening will be held in the bar. All the candidates will get the chance to answer both general board and position-specific questions, allowing you to see their views and hear their arguments. There will also be time for the audience to ask questions you may have before the election GA!

Radio Shows
On Monday April 16th and Wednesday April 18th, both nights from 21:30-22:30, there will be Radio Shows. Each candidate will be on one radio show; we will divide them depending on the amount of candidates there are running for each position. The radio show will be live-streamed and there will be a feed where you can ask any questions you want.

The GA will take place on Thursday evening, April 19th at 20.00 in the Auditorium. This is the moment: you will be able to listen to the speeches from all candidates and you can ask questions during the Q&A. Afterwards you can cast your vote for the candidates you believe are most suitable for the positions on the UCSA Board. The selection of the Board is entirely democratic!

Thinking of Running? You can officially run as a candidate for any UCSA Board position up until 48 hours before the Election GA, which this year means April 17th, 20:00. You announce your cnadidace simply by informing us of it via mail to ucsa@uu.nl

Once you’ve decide to run, this is what you need to know:

Election Statement
One essential part of announcing your candidacy is your election statement. Your election statement can be a maximum of 2 pages and should include:

  • Who you are
  • Your motivation for running
  • Some ideas you would like to implement

All election statements sent to ucsa@uu.nl before 20:00, April 11th will be put up on the board downstairs Dining Hall. If you need more time, you can always print and hang it up yourself.

If you are planning on running, we would like to ask you to not publicly announce your candidacy before the election period begins. This is to keep it fair and to respect the ASC election period which is right before.


Election Dates
These are important events during the Election period in which you can make yourself known to all the UCSA members. Click on “Election Events” above, for more info.

Transition Dates
If you are planning to run, it is very important you keep these dates free for the transition period! Transitioning a whole board year’s worth of information is a lot of work and finding a new time that works for 12 people is near-to-impossible, so please make sure to keep these dates free:

April 20th:   Hangover meeting (12:45-13:45)
April 21-22: Practical Transition Weekend
April 29th:   UCSRN Tournament
May 1st:       Golden Keys
May 24-27:  Transition Trip
May 31st:     Commencement Ceremony
June 1st:      BCG Workshop

Also keep in mind that you would need to be back on campus one week before Fall Introweek begins, in order to finish the planning and do your BHV course.

The UCSA Board consists of 6 positions, which are all election positions and all open for new candidates. Most of the work in the board is shared equally by everyone, but some tasks are specific to the postions. The various positions are:

Chair: The chair carries the overall responsibility of the UCSA Board and Committees. Their tasks include chairing Board Meetings and GA’s, ensuring the Policy Manual and Statutes are upheld and being a motivating factor for the rest of the board.

Secretary: The secretary works closely with the Chair and other board members and is responsible for all non-financial administration. Their tasks include taking minutes of UCSA Board meetings and GA’s and managing the email, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the financial wellbeing of our Association. Their tasks include making and proposing a budget to the GA, keeping track of the expenses and ensuring all financial procedures are upheld.

3 Committee affairs officers (CAO’s): The Committee Affairs Officers are each assigned a number of Committees and provide the primary link between the UCSA Board and their Committees. Tasks include sitting in on Committee board meetings, helping to resolve internal issues and supporting their committees in any other way possible.